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Codabar was developed in 1972 and is used by libraries, blood banks, and air parcel services. Codabar is a low density numeric bar code. It includes 16 characters: the numbers 0-9, plus "-", ".", ":", "$", "/", and "+". The use of four separate Start and Stop characters (A, B, C, and D) allows useful information to be encoded by characters normally considered as overhead. Bar codes can be of variable length and do not require a checksum. The most widely used version of Codabar is Rationalized Codabar, with a wide to narrow ratio of 3. This gives the most widely readable bar codes.
  • Encodes: Only the characters: 0123456789-.:,$/+ABCD
  • Length: Variable
  • Checksum: None

Since Codabar does not require a checksum you do not need a computer program to generate bar codes with it. This means that you can just type in Codabar.


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laser or inkjet printer

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