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Virtually all products sold in Europe use the EAN-13 bar code. You can not make up an EAN bar code number, you must pay the International Article Numbering Association a fee and they assign you your EAN code. (That's why no two products in a store will ever have the same EAN code.) You can find out more by contacting:


The European Article Numbering system, EAN, was introduced in 1978. The two different versions of EAN bar codes, EAN 8 and EAN 13, encode 8 and 13 digit numbers respectively. EAN 13 bar codes are used on retail products throughout Europe.
  • Encodes: Numeric Only
  • Length: Fixed Length, 8 or 13 digits
  • Checksum: Required

A special 13 digit EAN bar code, called Bookland, can represent a book ISBN number. A 5 digit supplemental code shows the book price and the currency the price is shown in.


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