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SCC-14 / Bar Code 128    Bar Code 128 example
Bar Code 128 is a high density alpha-numeric bar code. It has 106 different characters and three subsets, A, B, & C, which are just different ways of interpreting the data encoded by the bar code. UCC / EAN 128 is another variation of subset C. Using the subset A or B Start code you can encode the entire ASCII character set, including control codes. With a subset C Start code you encode high density numeric data. Bar code 128 requires a checksum. Bar codes can be of variable length, although subset C requires an even number of digits.
  • Encodes: Full Alpha-Numeric plus high density numeric mode
  • Length: Variable
  • Checksum: Required

Bar code 128 is widely used in shipping, product labeling, coupons, and postal applications. The Shipping Container Code, (SCC-14) is used on fixed content shipping containers. Note that this bar code only contains numbers. It has 14 variable digits, and an additional first two that must always be 01. The last digit is a checksum. The human readable portion shown above is formatted for people to read. The actual bar code does not include and spaces or parenthesis.

Shipping Container Code (SCC-14)
Shipping Container Code


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